Friday, February 8, 2013

The standard of Care | Atlanta lawyer

Case authorities as explained that degree of skill and care required is that degree of skill and care which under similar conditions and like surrounding circumstances is ordinarily employed by the medical profession generally. This statement of the standard of care had 3 major elements. First it focuses on the exercise of care and skill in treating the specific patient or the specific problem, the similar condition element. 2nd and describes quality of care that the physician must provide, ordinary  medical care. 3rd ordinary care requires what a physician generally provide a national standard not a local standard. This! Principles of the standard of care applies generally to medical providers. But in light of the new statute protecting medical providers who render emergency medical treatment, practitioner should consult OCGA 51-1-29.5 T.C. is the ordinary care standard applies the treatment given to  in plaintiff's 4 if the gross negligence standard applies because the claim involves emergency treatment. A mere conclusionary affidavit from plaintiff's expert that defendant's negligence amounted to gross negligence will not defeat summary judgment when OCGA 51-1-29 applies. When an emergency emergency-room physician immediately ordered x-rays of a patient's leg to determine if he suffered a fracture, had a radiologist read the x-rays, and relying on the radiologist read the x-rays to make her diagnosis, as a matter of law treatment did not amount to exercise of slight care. Pottinger v. Smith 293 Ga. App. 626, 2008. Contact in Atlanta Atty. today for free consultation.

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