Monday, May 5, 2014

My drug dealer ripped me off do I get my money back ? | Douglasville DUI law

A cause of action accrues when a legal right which is vested, as distinguished from contingent or conditional in the plaintiff is violated by the defendant. However, in the right depends upon some condition or contingency, the cause of action accrues only from the fulfillment of that condition or happening of the contingency, and if brought before it is considered premature.
Only the parties to the action can raise the objection that is brought prematurely. No cause of action for damages can arise out of an illegal transaction because to authorize a recovery in such a case would be contrary to public policy. For example, no action can be maintained upon a contract growing out of an immoral or illegal transaction, the transaction was not subsequent or collateral, but directly connected with the unlawful act. The test to determine whether a demand connected with illegal transaction is capable of being enforced at laws whether the plaintiff requires any aid from the illegal transaction to establish his case. Thus an action involving a contract for contingency fee in a criminal prosecution, declared void as against public policy.The law clearly states that you cannot sue your drug dealer if he rips you off.  As you can see, a drug deal is obviously an illegal transaction and the law forbids you from having a remedy when a portion of your remedy is dependent upon an action that is illegal.  Therefore if you are ripped off by a drug dealer you have no remedy under the law.  Do not call the police in this situation.  If you are charged with a drug crime contact the Howard Law Group.

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