Monday, November 10, 2014

Marriage between persons of the same sex is not recognized in Georgia. This includes marriages performed pursuant to licenses issued by another state or foreign jurisdiction. OCGA 19-3-30 (B) (1). The statute clearly states that no marriage license shall be issued to persons of the same sex. Marriage licenses shall be issued only by the judge of the probate court or his clerk at the county courthouse between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM Monday through Saturday.Some might ask what happened in the event that any marriage license is not returned for recording, as provided in subsection C of this code section, either party to a ceremonial marriage may establish a marriage by submitting to the judge of the probate court the affidavits of two witnesses to the marriage ceremony setting forth the date, the place, and the name of the official minister performing the ceremony. The judge shall thereupon reissue the marriage license and enter there on the certificate of marriage and all dates and names in accordance with the evidence submitted and shall record and cross index same in the proper chronological order in the book kept for that purpose. Contact a Paulding county divorce lawyer today.

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