Sunday, January 27, 2013

No automobile insurance | Atlanta lawyer

Atlanta lawyers know the general rule that statutory provisions are incorporated by law into the insurance contract does not necessarily apply to statutory exclusions. The difference in the two rules may be demonstrated by their effect on the contract. Statutory provisions which require coverage will be enforced even if not included in the contract. However, the law recognizes that an insurer may provide greater coverage than that required by law. Accordingly, any statutory exclusion which limits or lessons coverage otherwise available to the insured not apply where an insurer in its contract provides such coverage within its contract, notwithstanding the statutory exclusion of coverage. For that reason, statutory exclusions are not automatically read into an insurance contract so as to limit the coverage available to an insured. To be sure, the law allows an insurer to provide greater coverage than that required by statute. Rockwell v. Continental casualty 198 Ga. App. 545 (1991). Contact an Atlanta DUI lawyer if you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage.

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