Sunday, January 27, 2013

Your Insurance company denying your claim? I Contact an Atlanta lawyer today

Many Atlanta lawyers who practice automobile insurance Law know that there are times when policies can be ambiguous. Most of the time there is a clause or some sort of exclusion inserted in the policy which is confusing, not something the insured was expecting, or just plain not fair. As plaintiff's attorneys it is our job to look at the policy and argue why coverage should exist even though there may be an exclusion or some other language in the policy that the insurance company will try and use to preclude coverage from the insured. The insurance company is in the business of making money and if there is any way to prevent having to pay a claim they will find it. The law gives us some background information on what we need to know about construing insurance contracts where there may be ambiguity or confusion.

Automobile liability insurance is a matter of contract, and the written policy issued by the insurer and delivered to the insured makes a written agreement of the parties. Rules of construction which apply to written contracts generally apply to insurance contracts. While policy of insurance shall be construed liberally in favor of the object to be accomplished, and its provisions will be strictly construed against the insurance company, or is susceptible of two constructions, that construction will be adopted most favorable to the insured, yet its contract of insurance should be so construed as to carry out the true intention of the parties. The same rule of construing an insurance policy or bond strongly against the insurer and favorably to the insured applies to the application or matters contained therein, as to the policy itself, the instrument having been prepared by the insurer. Jackson Nat'l life Ins. Co. v. Snead 231 Ga. App. 406 (1998).

If your insurance company is denying a claim that you feel should be paid please contact in Atlanta Atty. today.

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